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Wella EIMI Volume Body Crafter - 150ml

Wella EIMI Volume Body Crafter - 150ml



Wella EIMI Volume Body Crafter - 150ml


Build volume with a workable texture with EIMI Body Crafter. Craft your style with smooth, flexible control and natural movement. The workable texture of this hair styling spray gives free and smooth finger, brush and comb movement without any stiffness and stickiness. Other than styling your hair like a pro, this volumising hair spray provides radiant shine and add character to your hair.

EIMI Body Crafter promotes natural shine of your hair and provides a smooth texture eliminating dryness and dullness. The hair shining product help you achieve the desired hairstyle without damaging the hair tresses. The hair spray provides superb strength while remaining light on the head giving a flexible finish. Perfect for any hair length, the full density hair spray is more resistant to damage.

  • Build up volume with a soft, smooth finish
  • Workable texture
  • Perfect for any hair length
  • Anti-frizz formula


Shake well and spray evenly on damp hair with emphasis on the roots. Blow dry with your fingers or brush to create volume. Use also on dry hair to create extra texture.

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