Rusk CTC Technology Professional Str8 Iron 1" Black


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Silicone Mat Incl. ✔Digital Screen ✔9-ft. Cord ✔Heats to 450°F ✔

Rusk CTC Technology Professional Str8 Iron 1" Black

The CTC Technology Professional Str8 Black Digital Ionic Styling Iron is a professional ceramic Str8 Iron® that features Ryton® housing, ceramic heater and titanium-infused ceramic plates with Sol-Gel technology. This combination yields ultimate heat and unprecedented performance results. The Iron is for clients with hair of any length who want to eliminate frizz, curls, cowlicks or kinks. It's also essential for stylists who perform straightening and smoothing services including: Anticurl™ + Kerashine™ Conditioning and Thermal Shiny Str8™.

Iron leaves hair straight, smooth and shiny and in optimal condition. It also features a memory function to easily reach the desired temperature with a touch of a button.

The Rusk CTC Technology Professional Str8 Iron is infused with CTC™ Technology and is manufactured to meet the highest standards of beauty professionals. This lightweight titanium-infused ceramic iron utilizes CTC™ Technology which produces even heat transfer from root to ends. The Sol-Gel technology provides a smooth glide while leaving hair in optimal condition.

  • Instant heat and recovery
  • Digital temperature display up to 450º
  • Memory function to quickly reach desired temperature
  • Ceramic titanium complex Sol-Gel technology
  • 9 ft swivel power cord
  • Limited 2-year warranty


  • Begin at the crown of the head and separate a 1-inch section of hair.
  • Positioning the iron as close to the root as possible, being careful not to touch the scalp, place hair in between the plates and slide the iron down until it reaches the ends of the hair.
  • Repeat until desired look is achieved.


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