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What is an under eye concealer for men?

“So you have dark circles under your eyes but don’t know how to get rid of them”

Under eye concealer is an important tool in your makeup arsenal, for both men and women. We all want to look our best and make-up can help achieve that by hiding flaws and accentuating our best features. There are different types of concealers in varying colors that work on different problem areas. This specific product is designed to mask the male under eye bags you have.

When you have multiple issues—and most of us do—the best product to have is a trio wheel. It contains the most commonly used concealers in a convenient and portable package. The base concealer sometimes included in the trio will match your skin tone and can cover up most imperfections. Some concealer wheels will only have corrector colors. The other colors each have a specialty, neutralizing and color correcting any flaws you may have. Understanding how each color neutralizes imperfections will help you decide which concealers your color wheel should have.

  • Yellow or peach concealer will neutralize blue or purple so they are ideal for concealing under-eye bags or discoloration. Apply a thin layer under eyes with your ring finger. You don’t want too much concealer here because it can settle and accentuate fine lines around your eyes. Your ring finger has the lightest touch so there will be no pulling on this delicate area. Follow up with a concealer shade slightly lighter than your natural skin tone to brighten up your eye area and give a rested look.
  • Lavender concealer will neutralize any yellow bruising or a sallow skin tone. Yellow bruising can occur when there is a mild injury and more typically on darker skin tones. Apply a thin layer to the area of discoloration. Follow with a thin layer of neutral concealer. For an overall sallow complexion, you may want to try a yellow-based primer.
  • Green concealer will neutralize redness so use it to cover red marks, blemishes due to acne or rosacea, and port wine stains. You should dab a small amount over the area and blend it at the edges. Then cover with your normal concealer to completely hide those flaws.
  • If you have a bump on your skin without any discoloration, you can use a concealer two shades darker than your natural skin tone to hide it. Darker colors are generally used as a contour around the face, minimizing those areas we don’t want to see. The same principle works to conceal bumps.
  • Concealer can also be used to cover small tattoos. Neutralize the color with a corrector and then apply a good water-proof neutral concealer, blending well, so there are no lines or edges.

Your choice of trio wheel will be determined by the types of imperfections you wish to cover up. Remember to use just a thin layer of color correction and follow with a neutral or skin-tone concealer (lighter to brighten the area under your eyes). And be sure the tools you use, whether a brush or your finger, are clean. After your under eye concealer is set, apply your make-up or tinted moisturizer and you’re ready to go.

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