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What is a Male Invisible Blotting Powder?

In Short: A 100% translucent way to eliminate the shine from your face. How is it used? Usually with an included sponge or applicator, or if you’re up for it – a brush. Blotting powder is something men and women can use daily to prevent excess oil and the inevitable shine it produces on the skin. Using blotting papers will help you feel refreshed and clean as you use them throughout the day. This translucent product works to remove shine from a users face. Excess oil on the top layer of the male skin appears to be shiny, or mirror like. Once applied facial shine is drastically reduced, excess oil is absorbed, and the skin instantly becomes shine free.


Why should you use a male anti-shine product:

No one wants oily skin, but for some, it is a fact of life. We can wash with cleansers that eliminates it. We can moisturize to prevent it during the day. Even some make-up will prevent oil from returning for a time. Unfortunately, the oil will inevitably resurface. How can you eliminate the oil without having to work? Use an invisible blotting powder for men.

A great way to eliminate oil and the sheen it adds to our skin during the day is to use invisible blotting powder. Originally created for artists to absorb oil for TV, oil blotting has become a popular staple for many when combating excess oil on faces and the sheen it adds to the skin. And they aren’t just for women. Men want to look their best and invisible blotting powder is a convenient way to eliminate shine and the packaging allows for portability, whether in a woman’s purse or make-up bag, or hidden away in a man’s pocket.


Tips on this male makeup product:

When using blotting powder, remember it will always be translucent. When you use the blotting powder, start with the T-zone. This area of the forehead and down the center of your face to your chin tends to be the oiliest areas of your skin. Gently brush the skin, but don’t rub. If you’re wearing make-up rubbing with the brush on your skin will remove the makeup and you will have to reapply. Work with each area for a few seconds to absorb all excess oil, then move on to the next area. Take your time so you get all of the areas of your skin. Invisible blotting powder contain no additives so they can be used as many times a day as you need without leaving behind any type of residue or messing up your make-up.


Gather Formen’s Invisible Blotting Powder onto included applicator. We like to use circular motions to ensure product is evenly spread.



Blotting Powder Anti Shine Tutorial


Pat product onto skin as desired or use short streaks to cover entire face. If facial shine is not completely minimized, gather more product onto applicator and repeat.


Blotting Powder Anti Shine Application

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