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What is a concealer for men?

“So you want to conceal a problem but don’t know where to start”

A male concealer is a cosmetic product one uses to mask certain types of imperfections on the facial region of the face. The product is used to make the skin appear more uniform in its color. As a color corrector type of product, it hides the different skin pigments by blurring and blending the imperfection with the color of the male concealer. Other skin blemishes not listed can be concealed, however other products may be required to assist. Serious skin discolorations such as birthmarks and scars would require a heavily pigmented concealer and, typically, training on how to properly mask the concern. The most common issues that men turn to a male concealer for are as follows:

  • Adult Acne
  • Under Eye
  • Dark Circles
  • Age Spots
  • Large Pores

With some makeup for men in the market, which concealer color do you choose?

As male concealer can come in a variety of shades men tend to work best with the same, one, or two shades lighter than their skin. By choosing a lighter shade it allows the product to better hide the blemish.

But what skin color am I?

A question asked by all clients, we took the guess work out. Formen’s Male Concealer Trio has three shades build into a single product. We put the three most popular colors and combined them into an easy to use, guesswork free consumer product. Having access to three colors in mitigates the risk of purchasing the wrong color.

How do you use a Male Concealer?

After selecting the shade you wish to apply, using a finger take a very small amount of product and place directly onto the area of concern.
Gently rub the product until the concern is masked. If the area is not concealed to your liking, apply more of the same shade. Additionally, if the standard shade is too light or dark, with your finger, you can apply the multiple shades to lighten or darken the area until a matched skin tone is achieved. If you physically visit a cosmetic counter any trained makeup artist can identify your skin color and make a product recommendation, however the product may not be geared towards men.

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